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Bumping Lake Dam - August 23, 2013

Bumping Lake Dam

Chinook Pass, Washington BW

Night Landscape - 7 min exposure

Captured in the dark with the moon lit sky on the top of the dam overlooking the water behind it. The Earth Dam and spillway that hold back the water of the lake on it's way to the Bumping River eventually being used to irrigate the Yakima Valley. 

This shot was taken around midnight on a dark still night with the light of the moon hiding behind the clouds you see above. The star streaked sky displays the patience required to capture the nights secretes.

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Bumping Lake - August 23, 2013

Bumping Lake

Chinook Pass, Washington

Night Landscape - 7 min exposure

Bumping Lake is located on Washington States Chinook Pass. It was a childhood favorite place of mine as my family and I spent many weekend days playing in the water and basking in the warm Central Washington sun.

This shot was also taken around midnight.

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